Outwar Epic Beatdown Crew Tournament

8 Outwar crews compete in a bracket style tournament to determine the Epic Beatdown Champion. Crews advance through the bracket, by scoring more successful crew hits against their opponent, during the allotted time.

- Top 8 Outwar crews of each server qualify for the Epic Beatdown.
- Crews will be seeded by rank.
- Seeds are awarded on March 20th, at 4pm EST
- Crews competing in the Beatdown, will have their crew rosters LOCKED on Thursday March 20th, at 4pm EST.
- Rounds 1 & 2 will last 48 hours.
- Round 3 will last 72 hours (three days)
- Winning crews of each round will recieve points and tropheys.
- The final crew receives the “Beatdown Hammer” Trophy, Championship T-Shirts, and $700 in points.

How does my crew qualify for the tournament?

If your crew is one of the top 8 teams on the server, on March 20th, your crew will qualify for the tournament.

What seed will my crew receive?
Your seed in the tournament comes from your ranking. So if you are the #6 ranked crew on the server, then, you will be the 6 seed.

How does my crew defeat the other crew?
Once the tournament starts, your crew will be matched up with an opposing crew. Your crew’s objective is to score more successful crew hits against them, than they score against you. If your crew has more crew hits that the other crew at the end of the round, your crew will advance.

What happens if my crew loses?
Your crew is eliminated from the tournament.

How do I see how many crew hits my crew has gotten?
Once the tournament starts, there will be a page showing all war scores. Also, your war score may be shown in your crew profile.

Can I invite players to my crew during the tournament?
No. If your crew is in the Beatdown tournament, you will not be able to invite, leave, or boot members from the crew. Once the tournament is over, or your crew has been eliminated, these features will become available again.

I am the crew leader of a crew in the top 8, and I DO NOT want to have my crew participate…
Please post a message for us in this forum thread: http://forums.rampidgaming.com/showthread.php?p=20114#post20114

The Crew I am matched with in the first round backed out of the tournament. Who do we play?

Crews that back out of the tournament will be replaced with the next ranked crew.

What are the prizes for winning each round?

First round victories give the crew $100 in points and the first round trophey. Second round victories are worth $200 in points, and the second round trophey. The final round prize is $400 dollars in points, the "Beatdown Hammer" trophey, and championship T-shirts. ($700 in points total)

Players caught cheating will receive suspension, and have their score removed from your crew’s total. During round play, all posted scores are unofficial. After rounds end, we will analyze each match up to ensure a true winner is named. Official scores are released each Tuesday.

Crews caught cheating will also be removed from tournament.

Below is a calendar of events for the tournament.

- March 20th, at 4pm EST: Crew Rosters locked, brackets released.
- March 21st through March 22nd: Round 1.
- March 25th: Round 1 Winners annouced.
- March 28th through March 29th: Round 2.
- April 1st: Round 2 Winners annouced.
- April 4th through April 6th: Round 3.
- April 15th: Champions Crowned.