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    Rarity: Common Uncommon Rare Elite Godly Brutal King
    manguP | 7:30am May 22, 2017
    Nafir ring for sale open to offers! Best ring in game that you can trade!
    hydr0gen | 6:16pm May 19, 2017
    Items in Treasury or offer
    Archonv11 | 4:15pm May 18, 2017
    Crew stones in Treasury
    roquejr | 12:46pm May 15, 2017
    top 4g woz items Treasury
    481ofInfinity | 4:16am May 12, 2017
    cheap multy gods!
    killaz97 | 1:43am May 12, 2017
    best prices on the market
    LordOfDestruction | 3:36pm May 11, 2017
    Looking for a new crew to join
    ZaBrutMan | 5:46pm May 10, 2017
    Selling zombie augs 1v2, 2v1,2v2 PM me offers
    zMOBSY | 2:49pm May 10, 2017
    mass etheral for sale msg me if need
    iBossEffect | 4:16am May 10, 2017
    buying bulk raid orb sets thank you msg me with how many you got and prices