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Rarity: Common Uncommon Rare Elite Godly Brutal King
XxCapsxX | 10:42am Jun 30, 2015
4g woz belt for the low on Treasury
xFlooD | 10:20am Jun 30, 2015
Selling Buckle of the Zhulian Queen in Treasury msg for a deal
Pornostar | 8:35am Jun 30, 2015
Treaders of Zhulian Prowess in Treasury msg for a deal
SugarMagnolia | 8:29am Jun 30, 2015
why make the new woz boots when you can buy the old ones for cheap? check Treasury
AvatarOfPower | 7:13am Jun 30, 2015
Buying rokp for 750 pts each & buying heart of nature for 100 pts each. PM me
XxCapsxX | 6:34am Jun 30, 2015
4 gem woz belt on treausry for low. no negotiations.
Forgottenwarriormike | 5:10am Jun 30, 2015
Tier 1 boots and belts on Treasury
safoni | 3:07am Jun 30, 2015
selling ring of kinetic power. msg me for a deal
Methane | 2:46am Jun 30, 2015
selling WOZ trier 2 items , Msg me for price/offer
XxCapsxX | 2:43am Jun 30, 2015
selling bulk v1 items/shards msg me