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Rarity: Common Uncommon Rare Elite Godly Brutal King
nosleep3 | 5:54am May 25, 2015
check Treasury blade desolation and evil eye
ZeroCool | 5:06pm May 24, 2015
Cheap Cheap Cheap TRESURY!!!!!!
AlphaNu | 10:33am May 24, 2015
Check Treasury, selling dragon pieces and more pm for offers
DADDYISSUES | 11:03pm May 23, 2015
SELLING DRAGON CHEST - Contained force Aug and Zombie 3v2 Tradable Augs Equiped
JT16 | 2:23pm May 23, 2015
Check Treasury. message to make a deal
SnowStorm | 2:17am May 23, 2015
I love bad *****es, that's my ****ing problem And yeah, I like to ****, I got a ****in Problem
H3r00 | 11:18am May 22, 2015
selling equiped halloween core. msg me offers. also check Treasury
Kadabra | 7:37am May 22, 2015
WTB: Soulgem of Pure Power & Swift Arrow
Tuurkaruur | 3:13am May 22, 2015
buying 30 bloodsoaked legplates and 20 skull crushers (pm me)
BigBadNoob | 1:33am May 22, 2015
Singles or sets, I ALWAYS have the BEST prices for elite RAID and PVP orbs!