Update features

    Coming this January...
  • Crew Territory: Crews will be able to claim a Diamond City room as part of their territory. Crew members must then defend their territories from attackers.

  • Crew Orbs: From crew raids, crews will be able to obtain rare upgrade orbs to increase their crew upgrades.

  • Crew Matchmaking: Find new members for your crew, or apply to the crews you are interested in. Crew leaders can manage the crew applications.

  • Rare Spawns: Certain rooms in Diamond City will contain a rare spawn mob. The mob has a small chance of spawning every time any mob is killed in that room.

  • Trophy Competition: Purchasing trophies will earn "trophy points". The more expensive the trophy, the more trophy points you will earn. The At the end of every month, the players will the most trophy points will earn a prize.

  • New Raid Set: A more challenging raid set has been added. Each new raid set drops quest pieces for new themed sets.
  • New Attacking system: Recruit your enimeies minions, thugs, or fans by making sucessful attacks against them.
  • New Character level system: Gain minions, thugs, or fans to advance levels. Levels increase you characters base power, skills, and lock your click levels.
  • New Fabar Server:
  • We will be adding a new Outwar game server.
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