7/3/20 - New Veldara Arena Quests:
Lvl 85: Bacro in the Veldara Arena is offering 2 new quests called An Evil Audience and Tools of the Arena.

6/26/20 - Trial of Power Alert:
The next installment of the Trial of Power is imminent. Arkron and his minions will arrive at the Rallis docks on the 10th of July at 8AM.

6/24/20 - Character Class Changes:
Players can now change their class! Purchase a Character Class Change from the treasury to change your class between Monster, Gangster or Popstar.

We have also updated the bonuses for Monster and Popstar. The bonuses for each class now are:

Gangster - 5% Attack / 10% Defence.
Monster - 5% Rage Per Turn / 10% Max Rage.
Popstar - 2.5% Attack / 5% Defence / 2.5% Rage Per Turn / 5% Max Rage.

Because of these changes, we have added a one time completion quest to obtain a Character Class Change from ??????.

6/17/20 - New Veldara Arena Quests & Feedback Updates:
Lvl 85: Bacro in the Veldara Arena is offering 2 new quests called Joining the Fight and Fighting for Survival.

We have added some more quality of life updates to the game thanks to player feedback. These updates include:

- Added an option for the crew vault to select all items raidbound to specific users.
- Added a remove all button on the My Account page to remove all characters trusteed to you.
- Crew leaders will now receive a message when an item has sold on the crew treasury.

6/15/20 - Illusions:
We have released a new system that enables players to change the image of gear items. Illusions can be accessed from the new look Blacksmith page. Similar to gemming an item, premium points will be required to illusion a tradeable item and the higher the rarity the higher the illusion cost will be. Illusioning an item back to its original state also costs just 1 point. Price factors for illusioning are as follows:

1) Item Rarity - Higher rarity of the original item increases cost. Increasing penalties are also applied for illusioning to an item with a higher rarity.
2) Demand - Each time somebody applies an illusion to an item, the demand for that illusion increases by 10% which increases the cost to illusion to that item. The minimum demand is 100% and the demand is lowered by 5% every night.

6/10/20 - Upcoming Maintenance & Ghostly Challenge (Helm):
Starting on Monday the 15th of June, Outwar will be undergoing 2 downtime periods as our host performs scheduled maintenance. Please allow for up to 2 hours of downtime for each maintenance period, however the actual downtime should be much less. The maintenance times are as follows:

June 15th @ 9pm - Torax downtime
June 16th @ 1am - Both Servers downtime

A new challenge has been released to obtain a piece of Ghostly Stalker gear. Speak with Rollez in the Veldara Wastes to earn Ghostly Fragments. Once you have collected 30 fragments you can have Rollez upgrade them to a Ghostly Diamond which can be turned in to the Ghostly Challenge Master in exchange for a Ghostly Stalker piece. For those wanting to speed up this process, you can complete the Ghostly Diamond quest from Rollez to skip the collecting of fragments and obtain a diamond directly for 750 Tokens.

6/9/20 - Crew Trades:
Crew trading is here! Similar to the player trading system, crews can now engage trades with other crews to exchange items from crew vaults. To initiate a crew trade, click the Trade link on a crew profile (next to the Treasury Items link). Once a trade has started, it can then be managed via the Crew Trade icon on the toolbar.

In order to participate in a crew trade, a crew must have a two way vault and enough vault space to receive the selected items. Only characters with the Manage Vault permission can manage crew trades.

6/7/20 - Content Update:
We would like to update players on some of our content plans for the remainder of 2020. Starting with the basics, outside of major event periods we will continue to release new level 85 quests every fortnight. These quests will continue to be released until early 2021 and the current format of these quests (excluding others released inbetween) will also remain similar. We are also planning on releasing a new set in August along with price reductions for older sets and plan to follow a 2 year per release plan for new sets. We do not however plan on releasing new augments to replace the Throne of Sorcery augments until next year, at which point we will also evaluate augment transfer prices.

As we outlined in our last future plans announcement, major events will remain on a 4 month cycle with the next event being the Trial of Power on the 10th of July. This means the War of Zhul will then be held 4 months later, currently planned for the 20th of November. As always we will also be holding Halloween and Christmas events later in the year.

We are also working toward more balance changes for major events, focused on making main characters more relevant. In the upcoming Trial of Power we have further lowered the difficulty of obtaining tier 2 and tier 3 items from the collecting insignias quest. Thanks to player feedback, we are also planning much larger changes starting with the War of Zhul in November where we will be scaling up the minimum power required to defeat event mobs, which will then allow us to significantly increase the drop rates of event items. This will be a significant change, so we ask for your patience while we work on finding the correct balance for this.

Player feedback has also helped us compile another list of updates which are currently being worked on. We expect to be releasing these updates over the coming weeks, starting with crew trades. Once we have finished these projects, we plan on having a deep dive into the PvP system to once again make this method of play relevant for endgame players for reasons other than experience.

We would like to hear your feedback and ideas for any of the topics mentioned in this announcement, so we welcome any feedback left in the suggestions channel of our discord server. We hope you enjoy what's to come and we will post another update of our plans for 2021, Outwars' 20th anniversary year, at a later date.

6/5/20 - New Veldara Cliffs Quests & Other Updates:
Lvl 85: Dyler in the Veldara Cliffs is offering 2 new quests called The Overhead Threat and Scaling for Supplies.

Drop rates for the Spirit of Viserion and Spirit of Balerion have been increased by 50%. 10x rage / requirement changes have also been made to the Alsayic Dungeon and Skill Crest quests. Quests affected include both Alsayic quests, all tier 2 and 3 skill crest quests and Normok Reputation 1.