6/23/21 - New Veldara Quest & Item Cleanup:
Lvl 85: Parro in the Veldara Wastes is offering a new quest called Spread of Chaos.

On Saturday morning we will be starting a mass item cleanup of old unused items. While this may take some time to complete, we do not expect any downtime interruptions during this time. Items that will be deleted will include excess / unwanted quest items, original random generated skill pants and skill orbs. For those that have yet to do so, speak with the Skill Masters and Prison Guards for information to obtain updated skill orbs, pants and crests.

As a reminder, Tokens of Resistance and the quests to exchange them will be removed on the 9th of July. Please exchange them before they are removed.
6/21/21 - PvP Brawl:
A new PvP Tournament has been released. Every fortnight level 85 players can enter and participate in the PvP Brawl for 25 points. Starting every second Monday at 8am and ending at 8pm, players can attack all other participants 10 times each at any time during the 12 hour Brawl. At the end of the Brawl the top 30 ranked players determined by win count (own attacks only) will be awarded ranked chests containing Eminent Arena Coins. These coins can be exchanged with the Eminent Mentor in the Gladiator Arena for the Augment of the Eminent Warrior or the Eminent Medal, which is used for the Epic Chest questline. While the augment is a one time completion which is playerbound and non-transferable, the medal is tradeable and the quest to obtain it is repeatable.

This update also brings the second and final stage of the Epic Chest questline. Akan, Mentor of Champions in the Gladiator Arena now offers the Might of a Champion quest, where players can exchange a Gem of Champions to craft the Warplate of the Eminent Champion.

Eminent Arena Coins awarded per rank are as follows:
Rank 1: 20 Coins
Rank 2: 17 Coins
Rank 3: 15 Coins
Rank 4: 13 Coins
Rank 5: 11 Coins
Rank 6-8: 10 Coins
Rank 9-11: 9 Coins
Rank 12-14: 8 Coins
Rank 15-17: 7 Coins
Rank 18-20: 6 Coins
Rank 21-25: 5 Coins
Rank 26-30: 4 Coins
6/18/21 - New Veldara Quest & Harvester Buffs:
Lvl 85: Tordin in the Veldara Garrison is offering a new quest called Supplying the Future.

Drop rates of potions from the Resistance, Kix and Amdir Harvesters have been increased.
6/11/21 - Farmers Market & New Garden of Chaos Quest:
The Farmers Market is now open. Players can attack specific mobs in this newly added zone to the North of Diamond City for a chance to receive Kix Potions, Potions of Amdir and the new Potion of Elemental Resistance. The original methods to obtain these potions have been removed. The Market Trader (now inside the Farmers Market) is now offering quests to exchange Tokens of Resistance for the Potion of Elemental Resistance. These tokens and the quest to exchange them will be removed in 4 weeks on the 9th of July.

Lvl 85: Kinnar in the Garden of Chaos is offering a new quest called Servants of the Sanctuary.
6/1/21 - New Website Design Live:
Outwar's new design is now live! As always, any feedback or bugs can be reported in the respective channels of our discord server. Updates added since testing began include:
- Added a classic theme to preferences.
- Increased player profile picture max dimensions and size by 50% for all digital cameras.
- Added an option to update preferences for all characters on the current server.
- Moved mob search to the top of the quest helper.
- Added a search function to the character dropdown.
- Added a filter option to the backpack (bottom right icon).
- Added an option to hide quests from the quest helper on World page.
- Added rage cost information for Auto Attacking.
- Added an Auto Attack option for Weekly Quests.
- Added reward information to the open pvp tournament page.
5/28/21 - New Tyrisar City Quest:
Lvl 85: Ranzo in Tyrisar City is offering a new quest called Machines of the Metropolis.

As a reminder, on the 11th of June at 4am OW time we will be performing a mass item deletion of the original Elemental Resistance and Brutality Potions. Please ensure you have exchanged these potions before they are deleted.