11/27/20 - War of Zhul Complete:
The War of Zhul invasion has been put to a stop. Zora, Prince of War is now vulnerable. Defeat him before he has a chance to retreat!

Click here to raid Zora, Prince of War.

Congratulations to the Summoning Shard Contest winners, please submit a support ticket to claim your prizes.

Brutus will remain in Diamond City with all quests for 1 more week, at which point WoZ quest items will also be removed.

11/13/20 - War of Zhul:
The War of Zhul has begun! Zora, Prince of War has spawned minions throughout the streets of Diamond City. Rally your alliances and fight with honor as you battle your way through the streets to rid this land of the Zhulian filth! Speak to Brutus to begin your defense of Diamond City.

The major changes this event include:
- The War of Zhul format has been changed to now be similar to the Trial of Power. Many old mobs and quest items have been replaced.
- 2 Mob tiers of Withered and Horrific (similar to Combatants and Crusaders from ToP). Horrific mobs have double drop rates. Both mob tiers are now significantly more powerful.
- Increased drop rates to balance for equip limit and mob power changes.
- Tier 1 gear is now binding with a 5 point transfer cost.
- Added the Withered Augment.

The 3 Zhulian Guardians have once again appeared to protect their new master. These Guardians have a chance to drop items including Marks of Zhul, Potions, Rings of Kinetic Power, Efflorescent Spears and more. Vezzul has also returned. Crews can attack this raid every 24 hours for a chance at rare items.

Welx, Gladiator of Zhul is once again available to attack. Welx will remain active for 4 days before retreating for 4 days. Rewards for the top 20 damage dealers include Recharge the Fury potions and WoZ quest items.

Only 1 character per person is eligible to place in the top 5 for the Summoning Shard contest. This includes cross server and using other RG accounts as well. You can however choose any character on your winning RGA (winning server only) to receive the rewards.

The war will end in 2 weeks, at which point the server boss will appear. For further information on these topics, see the War of Zhul FAQ's on the Command Center page.

11/10/20 - Minor Updates:
- EXP rewards from the One Pill quests in Wonderland have been significantly reduced.
- The Vogel Sword requirement has been removed from the Jabberwocky quest in Wonderland.
- Added a speed run quest to the Metallurgist to hand in 1 Key of the Elements for 3 Metallurgy Coins.
- Added a 10000 item view limit to the Item Transfer page to prevent the page from erroring for some users with mass items on one character.

11/6/20 - Token Quest Changes & New Tyrisar City Quests:
We have now made previously mentioned changes to Token Challenge quests, aimed at preventing mass abuse of this system. All challenges to obtain gear except Bronze have had their Token entry requirement increased above the free token maximum of 30. Other content outside of these gear challenges will remain unchanged. The changes for each challenge are as follows:

1) Silver - 32-40 Tokens per cache, participant coins and quests removed.
2) Gold - 60-100 Tokens per cache, participant coins and quests removed.
3) Platinum - 90-150 Tokens per cache, participant coins and quests removed.
4) 8-Bit - 90 Tokens per item, mushrooms and quest removed.
5) Spiral - 140 Tokens per item.
6) Noble - 200 Tokens per item.
7) Perfection - 260 Tokens per item.
8) Exalted - 260 Tokens per upgrade, fragments and quests removed.
9) Ghostly - 750 Tokens per item, fragments and quests removed.

Lvl 85: Ranzo in Tyrisar City is offering 2 new quests called Stopping the Production Line and Mechanical Scraps.