9/12/23 - Current Development and Captcha Trial:
We would like to share more information on current development including expansion progress and new captcha trials for guardian raids.

General zone, mob and quest creation has now been completed for the next expansion launch, meaning the development focus now shifts toward the faction system and other endgame content. As mentioned in an earlier post, experience gains will be different early on with this launch. After some introduction quests, the majority of early available experience will come from quests associated with levelling up faction bonuses (similar to the primary quests from previous expansions such as Rune, Chaos Gem etc). The aim with this is to slow down the initial levelling process for the majority of users, but to still release general experience quests as usual over time. We are also exploring ideas with repeatable content at max level to choose between experience or other rewards, as well as different methods to spend excess experience outside of enhancements. We are currently looking for feedback on what alternative rewards you would like max level experience to be used for other than enhancements. The next area we will be sharing information and seeking feedback on will be the faction system and their bonuses associated with mob and raid attacks.

Unrelated to the initial expansion launch as it would be released at a later date, one more area which was not mentioned in our original expansion update that we have a rough draft on is a level 95 faction based PvP brawl, with a potential new upgrade for the epic chest.

Over the coming days we plan to start a trial for new guardian raid captchas, initially for non-point guardians only. We will be looking for feedback on any captcha that may be tested in the #suggestion-discussion channel of our discord server, however keep in mind at this stage none of the changes that will be made are permanent and are only for collecting feedback.

As a reminder Halloween, Wonderland and Damned potions and quest turnins will be removed on the 29th of September at 7am OW time, with the new combined potions being added later that day.
9/8/23 - King of the Week Buffs:
We have increased the overall stats of the King of the Week set by the following amounts:

+300 Chaos Damage
+50% Elemental Damage
+20% Attack
+20% HP
+30% Vile Damage
+20% Rage Per Turn
+20% Experience Per Turn
+25% Max Rage
9/1/23 - Boon of Nature & Set Transfer Price Reductions:
We have reduced the transfer cost of the following sets:

- Ancestral reduced to 25 (was 125).
- Cosmic reduced to 25 (was 100).
- Veldar Ranger reduced to 20 (was 100).
- Thunder Mage reduced to 20 (was 100).
- Profound reduced to 20 (was 80).
- 8-Bit reduced to 20 (was 60).
- Platinum reduced to 20 (was 50).
- Astral reduced to 15 (was 40).
- Gold reduced to 15 (was 30).
- Alsayic reduced to 15 (was 30).
- Metallurgy reduced to 15 (was 20).
- Scallywag reduced to 15 (was 20).

- Boon of Nature price reduced to 2250 (was 4500).
- Added a Next Page button to the top of the Item Transfer page.