5/20/22 - Future Content Update:
We are currently in the early drafting stages for a large overhaul to most older Point God raids, aimed at increasing overall interactivity and rewards. To help increase God spawn activity we plan to lower the respawn time of many God raids and lower their chances for most loot and point drops by an equal amount to keep the frequency of loot similar. To improve loot rewards we then plan to increase the average points awarded from god raids by 25%, along with better balancing how many points and amulets each god drops.

Another major addition with this update will be rare and powerful Cores that can only be obtained via Point Gods, including systems similar to how Oblivion pieces were obtained in the past. These new Cores will have greatly increased stats similar to the other 9 main slots. Our initial plan when the Core slot was released was for them to be available from all types of content, with the most powerful coming from endgame sources such as raids. Cores eventually became more like other slots, being added to sets and having common sources to obtain the most powerful ones, so moving forward we would like to bring back our original vision for them. We plan to make no change to how Cores can currently be obtained from general content, but only plan to add multiple but rare Cores obtainable throughout the game from various content, essentially as a permanent Epic slot.

We would like to hear your feedback on what ideas you may have for this update in the outwar-discussion channel of our Discord server.
5/20/22 - New Holy Dimension Quest & Server Boss Tuning:
Lvl 90: Herol in the Holy Dimension is offering a new quest called Holy Restoration.

The following reductions will be made to Server Boss health starting from their next spawn:

Blackhand: -29% health.
Maekrix: -50% health.
Death: -68% health.
Cosmos: -68% health.
5/13/22 - Rarity Update & Quest Item Price Reductions:
- Lowered the rarity of some Godly quality items.
- Vanishas Fragrance price reduced to 150 Points (was 350).
- Drolba Tonic requirement reduced to 8 Tokens (was 20).
- Archfiend Soul Fragment price reduced to 25 Points (was 225).
5/6/22 - New Holy Dimension Quest:
Lvl 90: Herol in the Holy Dimension is offering a new quest called Hateful Deviants.
4/29/22 - Server Boss & Amulet Shop Updates:
Server Bosses have now been overhauled. Items have been added, moved, plus many less desired items have either been removed completely or moved to Cosmos. The exact breakdown of this can be found in our discord server. Items added to Server Boss loot include Amulets, chances for Challenge gear, Irthys orbs, quest items and Vault potions. Server Boss health has also been increased:

Zyrak: +200% health.
Blackhand: +300% health.
Maekrix: +433% health.
Death: +466% health.
Cosmos: +590% health.

The Amulet shop has also received a major overhaul. Older gear has been reduced in price and new untransferable gear has been added. The Amulet Trader in the Dusty Glass Tavern is also accepting amulets for some Treasury items. The Amulet cost for all items is as follows:

Magic Gem - 1500.
Stargazer Core / Trinket - 1500.
Adventurer Gear - 150.
Barrier of the Seas - 50.
Master's Shinguards - 40.
Elitist's Gear - 20.

Character Class Change - 1500.
Standard Issue Neuralyzer - 500.
Character Name Change - 150.
Quest Shard - 150.
Experience Lock - 150.