1/29/23 - Superbowl 2022 Pool - Chiefs and Eagles:
The Superbowl Pool is now open! We are once again hosting 2 pools, one with a 50 point entry and another with a 500 point entry (5% transfer tax will apply, therefore total entry cost for the pools will be 52.5 points and 525 points). Each pool's reward will be separate, therefore every player can enter both pools once as long as you choose the same team. To enter the pools, send 50 or 500 points to Slash with the team you want to win. If you are entering both pools, you can send 550 points in one transfer. If your team wins, you will get your entry fee (including tax) back and the remaining points will be split evenly between all the winners. Outwar will be adding 105 points to the small pool and 1050 points to the large pool as well! All entries must be sent before the game begins.
1/27/23 - New Shadow Dimension Quest:
Lvl 90: Sulon in the Shadow Dimension is offering a new quest called Shrouded Elementals.
1/20/23 - Cosmic Diviner Set & Set Price Reductions:
Lvl 85+: Cirrone the Diviner in the Astral Ruins is now offering quests to obtain the Cosmic Diviner Set. Players can exchange a Cosmic Mote for a Cosmic Diviner piece of their choice.

We have also reduced the cost of some older sets. The changes are as follows:

Veldar Ranger - 48% price reduction.
Thunder Mage - 40% price reduction.
Profound - 37% price reduction.
8-Bit - 44% price reduction.
Platinum - 25% price reduction.
Astral - 40% price reduction.
Gold - 25% price reduction.
Alsayic - 27% price reduction.
Metallurgy - 20% price reduction.
Scallywag - 20% price reduction.
1/13/23 - New Shadow Dimension Quest:
Lvl 90: Sulon in the Shadow Dimension is offering a new quest called Slaying the Shadows.
1/6/23 - Content Update:
We would like to share some information on content being worked on for 2023, including early draft concepts for the next expansion.

On the 20th of January we will be releasing a new set-bonus set for characters level 85+. Methods to obtain this set will follow the same format as the Veldar Ranger set, being purchasable with no-trade points. While the set-bonus will be more powerful than the Veldar Ranger set, Ancestral set-bonuses will remain the strongest. We then plan to release the next Best in Slot Challenge gear with a reduced price in May, following the completion of Event Cycle 2. Event Cycle 3 will then start with the War of Zhul in July, where gear and mob power will be increased.

Skill Update
This year we plan to rework some skills, as over time some skills have become underwhelming. We are however mindful to not create a sudden power jump or an imbalance with lower level characters, so to start we will likely keep our focus on reworking just the skills in most need of an update. We would like to hear feedback on what skills you would like to see changed and how.

Level 95 Expansion
Early work has begun on the next level expansion, due to be released later this year. With this expansion we plan to introduce new systems aimed at interactivity and player choice, including choosing one of three factions to join. Joining a faction will provide access to content and bonuses only available to that faction, as well as potential situations for raid content where multiple factions are required. Our aim with this is to create a variety of power and playstyle for endgame characters. Plans for this are still in the early draft phase, so we would like to hear your thoughts on what you would like to see introduced with this expansion.