9/25/20 - New Zaldar City Quests:
Lvl 85: Serrel in Zaldar City is offering 2 new quests called Outskirt Hunting and Entering the City.

9/18/20 - New PvP Quest:
Lvl 85: Bacro in the Veldara Arena is offering a new PvP quest called A Test of Strength.

9/11/20 - New Veldara Caves Quests:
Lvl 85: Creya in the Veldara Caves is offering 2 new quests called Clearing the Caves and Provisions of Darkness.

9/4/20 - Server Boss Updates:
We have made a number of changes to Server Boss survivability and their loot tables. Firstly, the health of each boss has been increased by the following amounts:

Cosmos - 200% health increase.
Death - 100% health increase.
Maekrix - 100% health increase.
Blackhand - 100% health increase.
Zyrak - 150% health increase.

We have also made some changes to Set Dungeon Key drops, such as moving/removing some older set keys, increasing the amount of existing key drops and adding some more recent keys. The Set Dungeon Key drop list is now as follows:

Cosmos - 6x Key to Knights Horror / 4x Astral Shard.
Death - 3x Pirate Treasure Map / 3x Key of the Elements.
Maekrix - 6x Astral Totem / 1x Key to the Alsayic Ruins (Solo).
Blackhand - 5x Profound Ward / 1x 8-Bit Banana.
Zyrak - 4x Thunder Ball / 3x Force of Veldara.

Bacaba and Gnomish keys have now been removed, while Metallurgy, Alsayic and 8-bit keys have been added. The Core of Cosmos and Core of Death have also been removed.