5/18/19 - Upcoming Eyes of Burn Changes:
In just under 5 weeks from now on the 21st of June, we will be making major changes to the Eyes of Burn. Similar to the recent changes for the Underground Caverns and Divided Planes, all mobs in the Eyes of Burn will have their rage significantly increased and all associated quests will have their requirements significantly lowered.

Unlike other zones undergoing these changes, the Eyes of Burn will also have it's main quest replaced. A new, single main quest will be added (still starting from Todd Shoe) to fix some issues with the old questlines. This means that characters wanting to complete the current Eyes of Burn questlines (ending with Conspiracy Now) should complete them before they are removed on the 21st of June.

5/17/19 - Quest Experience Potion Updated:

With the level cap increase just around the corner, we have made some changes to the Quest Experience Potion. The potion will now last for a duration of 2 weeks and will now affect characters level 79 and below.

5/10/19 - New City of Corruption Quest & Expansion Release Date:
Lvl 80: The Corrupt Princess in the City of Corruption has a new quest available called Corruption Cleanup. Speak with her to begin the task.

The level 85 expansion will launch on the 14th of June! We will release more information about this in the coming weeks in regards to release time etc.

5/3/19 - Crew Upgrade Costs Reduced:
We have made reductions to the price of many crew upgrades. The new prices per upgrade are as follows:

Essential Power - 150 Points.
Essential Resistance - 100 Points.
Under Fire - 50 Points.
Maximum Temper - 25 Points.
GPS - 15 Points.
Wardrums - 75 Points.
Fury - 25 Points.
Depository - 150 Points.
Morale - 100 Points.
100 Crew Vault - 50 Points.
300 Crew Vault - 150 Points.
500 Crew Vault - 500 Points.
750 Crew Vault - 750 Points.
1000 Crew Vault - 1000 Points.
Camera - 50 Points.
Camera Mark II - 200 Points.
Camera Mark III - 500 Points.
Two Way Vault - 50 Points.
Upgrade Crew Action Log - 50 Points.

We have also significantly lowered the drop rate of components used to create the Ethereal Set.

5/1/19 - Upcoming Maintenance:
Outwar will be undergoing a short maintenance period starting at 9AM this Saturday, 4th of May. Please allow for up to an hour of downtime, although we do not expect the downtime to last this long.

4/26/19 - New Winteros Quest:
Lvl 79+: Daenerys in the mountains of Winteros has a new quest available called Winteros Cleanup. Speak with her to begin the task.