4/16/21 - General Updates:
- Character Name Change price reduced to 50 points.
- Character Class Change price reduced to 500 points.
- +25 Character Slots price reduced to 500 points and is now player bound.
- Crusader and Commander event contest augments are now transferable for 50 and 100 points.
- Removed the Profound Gemstone requirement from the Profound Warden quests.
- Drop rates have been increased for the Spirits of Straya and Dlanod.
- The Cube of Sorcery and Recharge the Fury rewards from the Preferred Player Lucky Box have been removed and the Interstellar Vessel has been added.

4/9/21 - New Veldara Caves Quest:
Lvl 85: Creya in the Veldara Caves is offering a new quest called Lurkers of the Depths.

4/2/21 - Trial of Power Complete:
The Trial of Power has concluded. Arkron, God of Trials is now ready to test your strength. Defeat him to prove yourself worthy of his rewards!

Click here to raid Arkron, God of Trials.

Congratulations to the Trial Insignia Contest winners, please submit a support ticket to claim your prizes.

The Trial Overseer and Merchant will remain in Rallis with all quests for 1 week.

3/19/21 - Trial of Power:
The Trial of Power has been initiated! Arkron, God of Trials has summoned combatants to the streets of Diamond City to participate in the trial. Prove your strength to obtain powerful items and prepare for the wars to come! Speak to the Trial Overseer to begin the trial!

The major changes for this event include:
- Crusaders have replaced Combatants as Tier 1 mobs and Tier 2 Conjurers have been added.
- Conjurers now have triple drop chances for loot.
- The Trial Conjurer Orb has replaced both Contender and Crusader Orbs.
- Trial Insignia drop rates and requirements have been increased by 10x.
- Players can now participate in the Top 5 Contest on 1 character per server.
- Interstellar Vessels have replaced Cubes of Sorcery as contest dungeon key rewards.
- Two additional steps have been added to the Collecting Insignias quest (1250 and 2500), each awarding an Elementium Wand, Elementium Curio, Divine Augment, Grand Augment and Preserved Aegis.
- Loot from the Arkron server boss has been updated, with some lower value items being replaced with higher value items.

The minions Arkron has summoned are fused with each of the elemental powers and will drop items associated with that element. Those with the power to do so can defeat Conjurers for triple drop chances! During the trial, Arkrons most trusted guardians Shaik and Rook will occasionally appear. Arkron has also sent his powerful assistant Golluk, who will spawn every day and will not count towards the crew cap.

Arkron has also recruited his very own Gladiator! Players can attack Teva, Gladiator of Power in the Gladiator Arena to attempt to be one of the top 20 damage dealers who will receive loot. Loot from Teva's chests includes Elementium Wands (top 3), Augment of the Divine Combatant (top 5), Elementium Curios (top 10) and Recharge the Fury potions (top 20).

Players can only participate with 1 character per server in the Trial Insignia Contest. You can however choose any character on your winning RGA (winning server only) to receive the rewards.

The Trial of Power will end in 2 weeks, at which point Arkron himself will arrive to test your strength. For further information on these topics, see the Trial of Power Q&A on the Trial of Power page.