Your Secret Link: You secret link is an additional way to make your character more powerful in Outwar. By getting other people to click your link, you will be awarded with a special buff called "Noob Pwnage". As you get more people to click the link, the level of this buff will become stronger! This buff will make a serious impact on how hard you hit and how much damage you take when you get hit!

Level 1 = 3 clicks = +15% to Base ATK & +25% to Base HP
Level 2 = 5 clicks = +20% to Base ATK & +30% to Base HP
Level 3 = 10 clicks = +25% to Base ATK & +40% to Base HP
Level 4 = 20 clicks = +35% to Base ATK & +50% to Base HP & +1% to Critical Hits
Level 5 = 30 clicks = +45% to Base ATK & +70% to Base HP & +2% to Critical Hits

Your secret link can be found on your members page or by clicking the clipboard on your toolbar. Heres what your link looks like:


IMPORTANT: You CAN NOT click your own secret link, and you WILL NOT get credit for the link click unless the click comes from a NEW VISITOR - someone who does not play Outwar and has not already clicked a secret link within 24 hours!

Ways to trick your friends!

Your friends might fall for the link the first time, but it will be hard to get them to click on your secret link the 2nd and 3rd time.  That is why we have put together a list of ways to trick your friends into clicking your secret link over and over, making your character more powerful!

AIM Profile -  A great place to stick your secret link is in your AIM profile.  Try disguising it with something clever like "Funny Pictures."  Here's how:

Type "Funny Pictures" into your profile and click the "link" button.

Copy and paste your secret link into this window and click OK.

Instant Messages - One of the fastest ways to spread your secret link is through Instant Messages.  Just like the example above, you can disguise your secret link in an Instant Message! Select the words you want to link up (example: "") and then click the "link" button and paste your secret link into the box and click OK. 

Emails - A friendly email with your secret link within your message is a sure way to get someone to click on it.  Start the email off with your normal message and at the end put something like, "PS: Check out this neat website..." and then paste your secret link after it. Mass emails are considered Spam.

Web Pages - If you run a website, this is the perfect place to promote your secret link.  You can add it to your homepage, your links pages, or anywhere throughout the site that will trick your visitors into clicking it.

Message Boards - If you are part of an active message board, try using your secret link in one of your posts and see how many people fall for it.  If you are an active message poster, this could translate into many power points for your character! Do not post your link in random message boards!

Newsgroups - if you belong to a newsgroup, try adding your secret link to some of your newsgroup posts.  The more places you can get this link, the more powerful you will become!

Code Snippets - Copy and paste the following HTML code using the methods above to display the trick link shown. (These code snippets are using YOUR secret link!)

Hidden URL

Funny Pictures! | copy code to clipboard
Hidden Status Bar Link

Funny Pictures! | copy code to clipboard

Meta Tag Refresh Code - If your friends start to check the URL of the links you are sending them, and they see it is from they might not click on it. You can use the meta tag refresh code to trick them:

1.)  Sign up for a free web hosting account (click here for a list of them).

2.) Copy and paste this HTML anywhere in your index page. Your index page is the first page that will load when someone goes to your website.

copy code to clipboard

3.) Upload your index page and then go to your website.  You will instantly be redirected to your secret link page!

4.) Send your friends the link to the meta refresh page on the free web host and they will have no idea it is going to bring them to your secret link page.  You tricked them again and you grew stronger!

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