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The Kings and Queens of The Eyes Of Burn have resurrected an old tradition that was lost after the war. Some of the most famous warriors and hunters in all of outwar lore earned their reputations winning this competition and now the call for new champions to be established has come.

Unique creatures will be released throughout the outwar universe which drop special festival items and reward the killer with hunter points based on the level of the killed beast.

The winners of the event will be the 5 hunters with the most points and will be awarded additional event prizes from the Kings and Queens for their efforts.


Festival Of The Hunter FAQ:

Which mobs are involved in the event?
The event mobs are arranged into three tiers based off their level. Each level awards additional hunter points when killed.

Tier 1 Mobs (Level 30):
Spectal Imp, Spectral Emination, Spectral Spider, Spectral Defiler, Spectral Warrior

Tier 2 Mobs (Level 50):
Unholy Doctor, Unholy Vampire, Unholy Insect, Unholy Razor, Unholy Angel

Tier 3 Mobs (Level 70):
Mystical Kinetic Player, Mystical Shadow Of Zhul, Mystical Kingpin, Mystical Shadow Surgeon, Mystical Fire Mastermind

Additionally, each level has a raid mob which requires 5 players to take down:

Tier 1:
Massive Mystical Shrieker

Tier 2:
Massive Mystical Ripscale

Tier 3:
Massive Mystical Annihilator

How do I obtain hunter points from these mobs?
Tier 1: 1 Hunter Point Per Kill
Tier 2: 2 Hunter Points Per Kill
Tier 3: 3 Hunter Points Per Kill
Raid Mobs: 5 Hunter Points Per Kill (Each)

Which mobs drop event items?
Every event mob drops event items. However, different tiers and sometimes different mobs within the same tier drop different combinations of them!

Where can I find these event mobs?
Everywhere! These mobs will be released into all areas of the outwar universe. Search them out and take them down to be rewarded with your hunter points.

Will the event mobs respawn?
No, once killed the hunter who killed the mob will be rewarded with their hunter points and the mob will remain slain. However, waves of event mobs will be continuously released into the world so you never know where you might find one!

How do I participate?
All members of the outwar universe are welcome to claim their spot as the top hunter. To participate, once the event has begun you can seek out event mobs and take them down to earn your hunter points.

How long is the Festival of the Hunter?

The festival will culminate 7 days after it has begun.