Welcome back Outwar Players!

As you may have experienced, we encountered some technical issues early on Friday, November 30th. We have been working around the clock to make the game that you love so much, available for you once again.

The following information applies to the SIGIL, TORAX, FABAR, and ZIMBOB servers. RANCID server has been unchanged. For a Rancid server update, please refer to the previous news post.

Here are the cold, hard facts of what happened.
Character information was rolled back to September 5th. Examples of the major types of information stored with your character that has been affected include:

Level, experience, character upgrades, what crew you are in, and your crew rank.

Characters created after September 5th were lost. We were able to re-create most of these characters using other logs stored on the site. Basically, if you created a character after September 5th and were active with it, we were able to restore it.

We expect that a lot inactive accounts, like multis and/or skill accounts were lost in this process.

If you think that you have lost a character, it also does not mean that the character has been deleted. In some cases with the re-created characters, we lost the info that connects it to your RG account. This means the character exists, but is not yet tied to a Rampid Gaming account.

The following is a listing of changes that have been made to important areas of the game. All these changes were made in attempt to restore gameplay to as close to recent as possible.

Most of our experience chart has changed. You can view the changes by heading to this chart.

We have leveled all characters to their next level. So, if your character was a level 55, you are now 56.

Your amount of experience has been set to the minimum of your new level. If you are now a 56, your experience will be set to the minimum amount of experience of a 56. In most cases, you will see a very large increase in the amount of experience your character has.

We have increased the level cap to 70. If your experience was more than your new level minimum, we have automatically set you to the higher level that you should be (this applies mostly to previous level 60ís)

Top characters of each class from each server besides Rancid and previous to todayís changes have been awarded a special item to recognize their monumental accomplishment.

Character Upgrades
All character upgrades purchased from September 5th 2007, were lost. All upgrades your character has purchased since September 5th have been re-awarded to you in your backpack. Please reactivate them.

Attack Log/Attacking
We are currently battling some issues with the attack log. You may experience some lag while trying to make an attack. We are still working on this issue and expect it to be resolved soon.

Crew members have been rolled back to September 5th 2007. You will find your character in the crew it was in during that time.

All crew permissions have been reset and all crew members have been set to the same crew rank.

Crew leaders, please review your member list and remove anyone that is not supposed to be in your crew as soon as possible.

Crews created after September 5th and not created with the new Crew Headquarters item have not been lost, but have no members.

Parents & Underlings
Information on parents and underling data has been lost. We have disabled these features.

We realize that there have been many characters and crews misplaced or lost. If you are experiencing ANY problems with this restoration, please contact us. The Outwar staff will be offering AIM support until we get the majority of the issues corrected. After that, we will release a ticket-based system to restore any remaining issues. The following screen names may be contacted immediately with any problems you are experiencing regarding ONLY the issues above:

- MiseryLordOfMods
- Nick at Rampid
- Justin at Rampid
- Geech at Rampid
- Rampid Mark
- Se7enatrampid

Please be prepared with information before sending admins your problem. This will help smooth the process out and allow us to get to more players quicker. Anyone embellishing to live support, or submitting fake forms will be suspended indefinitely. There are a handful of us and thousands of you!

Please know that we tried just about anything and everything to get the site back to where it was. In the end, these changes were the best possible ways to accomplish that. We obviously didnít want this to happen, but we are trying to make the absolute best of the situation we have been handed.

Contact support if you have any issues and thank you for your patience and for playing Outwar.