What is Stoneraven?

Stoneraven is Outwar's first ever "Small Group Content" After purchasing a Stoneraven Supply Crate, players will be able to teleport to the city of Stoneraven where you can participate in an elaborate questline to help the Redeemers take back the cursed city from the undead minions that inhabit it right now.

Who should try Stoneraven?

Only players level 55 and higher should attempt to conquer stoneraven... even then, many of your normal items will be useless against the undead legions that you will be fighting in stoneraven. You should NOT expect to clear stoneraven on your first attempt, but chances are good that you or one of your 4 friends will leave with some pretty nice loot!

How should I play Stoneraven?

To play Stoneraven, follow these simple directions:
1) Purchase a stoneraven supply crate from the treasury.
2) Activate the crate to receive your Stoneraven Dagger, and the Incoming portal
3) Activate the Portal and find Redeemer Swiftfist, and talk to him to begin the Questline!

Frequently Asked Questions

I fought one of the mini-bosses but I didn't get a drop!

Not all mini bosses will drop things 100% of the time, to balance this, you receive a lot of experience from doing the quests, and you also have 4 mini-bosses to fight, and most will drop 1-2 items the majority of the time!

Can I do stoneraven multiple times?

Yes, the questline is repeatable, but you must buy a new crate every time you want to go back there... you must also wait 12 hours from the start of your last raid to give proper time for the monsters to respawn!

What do I do if I cannot complete the entire questline?

If you can't beat stoneraven, all you have to do is click your outgoing portal to transport you out of the zone... if you intend to head back to reattempt stoneraven, you should abandon your quest in order to restart it.

I can't beat one of the monsters! What do I do?

Try switching up your weapons, different monsters are succeptible to different types of damage!

Is there a time limit on the quest?

Yes, you must complete your run through stoneraven in under 12 hours before your dagger and keys begin to expire