To play the Wilderness, attack the veteran bosses to the right, in order.

The Wilderness is an Outwar Classic. Long before Diamond City existed, The Wilderness served as the first form of adventure and questing in Outwar.

In its original form, players followed a storyline with text and images, guiding them through several zones. Along the way, players would have to defeat mobs to advance in the storyline and ultimately receive a rare stone. This stone could be considered as Outwar's first item.

After Diamond City was introduced, The Wilderness was removed from play and remade into a repeatable version.

Now, we return The Wilderness back to you in a new form after you reach level 20.

To the right, you will find four of the most powerful beings ever known to Outwar: Chancellor Fangore, Lord Sandelman, Blackhand and General Killstein. Defeat them all in order and you will level your Wilderness Ranking. After you kill General Killstein, The Wilderness will reset, allowing you to battle a tougher version of each boss.

Every Wilderness rank you achieve, you will receive 1 ATK and 1 HP.
We hope you enjoy this small flashback to the old game!

View the highest leveled Wilderness adventurers
You must reach level 20 to explore the wilderness.