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    6/24/16 - The War of Zhul has begun:
    Belvok, World Destroyer has spawned minions throughout the streets of Diamond City, along with his own personal Guardians! Rally your alliances and fight with honor as you battle your way through the streets to rid this land of the Zhulian filth! Speak to Brutus to begin your defense of Diamond City.

    Sylastra's failure to claim power in Diamond City meant her minions shifted their allegiances to a new form of power, including the three Zhulian Guardians. These Guardians have a chance to drop item loot including Heart of Nature keys, Zhulian Power Shards, Potions, Rings of Kinetic Power, Efflorescent Spears and more. These 3 guardians will now spawn randomly over the first 12 hours and you are no longer required to obtain the Zhulian Ward to access them.

    The major changes this event include:
    -Rings of Kinetic Power and Zhulian Power Shards will no longer remain after the War of Zhul. They will now be removed when the boss is spawned at the end of the event. This change also means that the drop rates will increase for future events.
    -Summoning Shards will no longer be removed when the event ends. Instead, players will now have until the Boss Spawn is dead on both servers to hand in shards for experience before they are removed. Summoning shard counts for the contest will still be taken when the event ends, meaning winners will no longer miss out on EXP.

    -Addition of a new Zhulian mob, the Zhulian Succubus. Only the strongest of fighters can defeat this invader, but those that do have the potential to obtain Summoning Shards, Rings of Kinetic Power and a new exceptionally rare drop, the Efflorescent Spear. Due to the Zhulian Succubus's arrival, Ring of Kinetic Power drops are now less common from the Zhulian Shade.
    -The Efflorescent Spear can be used to upgrade your Tier 2 Ring to a new Tier 3 version .. a Signet of the Destroyer. Speak with Brutus to initiate this trade.
    -Zhulian Mistress and Friar are now 25 and 50 man raids respectively. The Zhulian Friar now also has a chance to drop Trinkets!

    During this event you can speak with Brutus to once again upgrade your Infused Pristine Set to the Unstable Pristine Set! Brutus is also once again temporarily allowing you to upgrade your Pristine Orbs to the Infused Pristine Set at the cost of Zhulian Power Shards.

    Players can once again obtain the Augment of Zhulian Warfare. Speak to Brutus for more information!

    Only 1 character per person is eligible to place in the top 5 for the Summoning Shard contest. This includes cross server and using other RG accounts as well. You can however choose any character on your winning RGA to receive the rewards.

    For further information on these topics, see the War of Zhul FAQ's on the Command Center page.

    6/22/16 - Ultra Challenge (Shield) & WoZ:
    The Ultra Challenge Master wishes to speak with you again in regards to a new fearsome Challenge. Can you defeat the Ultra Challenge Opponent and obtain their Astral enhanced gear?

    The War of Zhul is fast approaching! Scouts report that the Zhulian Army will reach the city gates on Friday, 24th June at noon Outwar time.

    6/14/16 - Underworld Expansion - Path of Ascension (Lone Path):
    Lvl 77+: A new side area has been opened in The Underworld for those who have completed the Land Down Under questline and received the Key of Ascension. You will be able to train your skills against progressively harder opponents, with potentials of grand experience rewards! This is the first of three quest releases for the Path of Ascension, with the other 2 to be released in the coming weeks.

    Speak with the Lone Warden to begin your ascension along the Path of the Lone Warrior. This path will require you to face increasingly harder rivals in one on one combat.

    6/7/16 - Ultra Challenge (Helm):
    The Ultra Challenge Master wishes to speak with you again in regards to a new fearsome Challenge. Can you defeat the Ultra Challenge Opponent and obtain their Astral enhanced gear?

    Our scouts are reporting that there is a massive Zhulian army headed for the city! At their current pace, the scouts estimate they will reach the city gates on Friday, 24th June. Prepare your alliances, the city must not fall!

    5/31/16 - New Underworld Quests:
    Lvl 77+: Veliana has a new quest for you called Underworld Hunt. This side-quest also has a Quest Shard bonus version giving an extra 25% EXP!

    You can now get points and tokens for up to 10% off using the new order form! If you have had problems ordering points in the past, please try again!

    Do you hear that rumbling in the distance? Sounds like trouble!