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3/13/15 - Item Transfer Updates:
The Item Transfer page has overgone a major overhaul. Items are now seperated in rows by their slot (Head, Neck, Other etc). You can still select multiple of the same item by double clicking the checkbox of a single item.

You can also now view the direct cost of transfering each item by hovering over each item on the item transfer page. The cost is listed at the bottom of the item in red text ... e.g "This item will cost 25 pts to transfer".

Set Item transfer costs have also been slightly reduced as listed below:
250 Points Per Ancient Alsayic Set Item
200 Points Per Metallurgy Composite Set Item
150 Points Per Dread Pirates Set Item
100 Points Per Godly Protection Set Item
75 Points Per Clockwork Armament
50 Points Per Celestial Set Item
25 Points Per Other Playerbound Items

Item sets not listed above now have a free transfer cost (Sovereign, Oblivion etc).

3/9/15 - Wilderness Returns:

The Wilderness has been added back to the game, but this time with a change! Instead of Wrapped Gifts being awarded every 10 levels, each level you gain now gives you a permanent 1 ATK / 1 HP bonus to your character. For example, if you reach level 308, your character will have a permanent +308 ATK and HP increase.

Head over to the Wilderness page to increase your Wilderness level. If you manage to increase your Wilderness level high enough, your character name will be displayed on the Wilderness Rankings page.

3/5/15 - Major PVP Updates:
Some major changes have been made to the current PvP system in an effort to make PvP much more rewarding and desirable. The changes are as follows:

The 2-50 rage slider for PVP attacks has now been removed, instead there is now fixed rage amounts for the following level brackets:
lvl 10-34 = 50 rage
lvl 35-44 = 100 rage
lvl 45-54 = 200 rage
lvl 55-64 = 300 rage
lvl 65-74 = 400 rage
lvl 75-80 = 500 rage

EXP Strips / Gains have been significantly increased.

Circle of Protection now reduces damage taken by 40%, down from 60%.

A new Master Brutality Potion has been added to the game that causes 100% extra EXP to be stripped / gained. The current Brutality Potions now only cause 50% extra EXP to be stripped and gained (down from 100%). You can create a Master Brutality Potion in the Cauldron by mixing 10 Brutality Potions and a Refined Lignite, or obtain one by handing in 100 Brutality Potions to the Guardian of Brutality in the Dusty Glass Tavern.

Bounties on players now cause an extra 15% EXP to be stripped.

You can now purchase a PVP Immunity item from the treasury, causing you to be immune to all attacks for either 1 day or 7 days, but also not being able to attack during that period.

The Pity Cap has been altered - now players 11 levels or more above a target will take pity on that player (changed from 50% of the attacker's level).

PvP Masteries have now been cleared due to certain changes in the PvP system, however previous rankings can be viewed on the Mastery Archives page.

3/2/15 - King of the Week:
Want to be #1 Most Powerful in the game for an entire week? Head over to King of the Week and try your chances against other players to become the King of the Week. The new king is crowned every Monday at 12pm Outwar Time.