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3/31/14 - Raid Boss Changes!:

Some major changes have been made to the Raid Bosses. Fangore/Sandleman/Blackhand/Gargantuan have been replaced with a new boss called Cosmos, Great All Being. Jarule/Tallius/Pythor have been replaced with a new boss called Death, Reaper of Souls. All 5 Dragon bosses have been replaced with a new boss called Maekrix, Dreaded Striker. Juggernaut has had some minor adjustments, and is now called Juggernaut, Unstoppable Force.

While the loot of these bosses merged may not be identical to before, the general loot system remains very similar for each of them. For example, Cosmos, Great All Being drops Stoneraven, Bacaba and now Gnomish keys. Death, Reaper of Souls drops KH keys/Furies/Totems etc. Maekrix, Dreaded Striker now drops the Red Dragon Set items.

Previous boss raid loot has been manually awarded for certain bosses with noticable damage taken.

3/28/14 - Lvl 75+ Uber Epic Chest Quest!:

A new Uber Epic Quest is available for you called The Mountain Magic. Speak to Zalken in the Mountain Cave to the East of the Plane of Nature and bring him the highly elusive Stone Trinket. This tradeable trinket is purchasable in the treasury, but is also a rare drop from all Orc mobs located in the Mountain Cave.



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