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    10/24/16 - Halloween Event:
    Word has it that there is a Haunted Doll located at the crossroads in Diamond City. Go and see what you can find there.

    10/19/16 - Ultra Augment (Holy):
    Athena wishes to speak with you in the Challenge Arena regarding a new Challenge. If you complete her challenge you may be rewarded with a Vanguard Token which Athena will accept for a new powerful augment. Do you have what it takes?

    10/4/16 - Acirum Freelands:
    Lvl 78+: A boat leading to a new area has arrived at the docks in the Underworld, for those that have completed the Land Down Under questline. This is the initial zone release for the Acirum Freelands, with more content being added in the coming weeks! Speak to the Deflated Soldier to begin the Land of the Free questline.