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4/5/15 - Deathbat Graveyard Area & Edit Characters Update:
A new questing zone has been added to the game intended for players level 76+ ... the "Deathbat Graveyard".

The undead have been rising from their graves and are forming a decaying army that is approaching Diamond City. You should head to the Deathbat Graveyard located to the North of Rallis and speak with Aggathen to begin "The Graveyard Shift".
Lvl 76+: Jiraya has a new quest for you called Combat Experience (Quest Shard), which awards a bonus 25% EXP!
Lvl 76+: Vixianne has a new quest for you called Fighting Knowledge (Quest Shard), which awards a bonus 25% EXP!

We have done a total overhaul to the Edit Characters page. If some things look weird, please do Ctrl+f5 to refresh and clear the cache of that page.

You'll notice the Create Character page is totally different and much more informative of each class. All you have to do is select your class, pick your server, type in the name you would like and click create.

The Delete Character page has a new layout and look to it.

We have also done a major overhaul to the Trustees page. You can now type in all the different RGA's you want to trustee in one single line. Example "RGA1, RGA2, RGA3, RGA4" and so on. Once you're done with that, you can click the "Cast Potions", "Cast Ling Buff", and "Activate Keys" to select all the check boxes for all the RGA's you have trusteed. Make sure you click the "Update Permissions" button to have them saved. We have also added a "Remove All Trustees" button to help clear your trustees if needed.

Lastly, we have combined the Trustee and IP log into one single page. Pretty self explanatory.

Last but not least, Happy Easter to you and your families.

4/1/15 - WOZ IS ON THE WAY:
We know there hasnt been a War of Zhul in while. This is mostly due to the server merge and getting everything with that sorted out. We will have a WoZ for you within the next two months. To get yourself ready, we've made a quest to help you get started once WoZ is launched.

Speak to ?????? to get your starter kit for WoZ.