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11/14/14 - Zombie Invasion Complete & Zombie General Spawned:
The Zombie Invasion has come to an end, but not before the Zombie General takes his rage out on the city! Kill him before he has a chance to catch Diamond City off guard!

Congratulations to the contest winners, placings can now be viewed on the Zombie Invasion page and your rewards will be awarded automatically within 24 hours.

Stay tuned for more updates coming in the near future!

10/31/14 - Halloween Event Finish & Zombie Event:
The Halloween Event has now come to an end. Congratulations to all contest winners during the Halloween Event, and we hope you all got awefully sick from all the candy! Winners from the contest are now displayed on the Halloween page.

Your recent efforts however have not gone unnoticed. With all the commotion throughout the streets of Diamond City, a huge plague of zombies have been lured in and are tearing the city to shreds! The zombie army is now more powerful than ever, as they seem to have 3 new ruling guardians directing their attack ... they must be defeated! Attack as many zombies as you can find, and save up your zombie brains for a shot at a new Best in Slot Core and Pants!

To begin your Zombie Invasion adventure, speak to Cyprus outside the Dusty Glass Tavern and acquire your zombie killing weaponary!

As usual, Macky is willing to help you create Zombie Heads if you help him gather some supplies!

If you are looking for new gear to battle the zombies, speak to Carman and she will gladly trade you some Helm items for Zombie Brains. For those with leftover Zombie Brains who are not interested in placing in the contest, she will also allow you to trade them for experience.

For those with leftover Fragments, hand them over to Dillan for some bonus experience.

This Zombie Event will end in 14 days, at which point the Zombie General will appear! For more information including winners rewards for the contest, head over to the Zombie Invasion page. Happy Apocalypse!

10/29/14 - Surprise Trick or Treater:
Word has it that there is a very peculiar Trick or Treat Spirit wandering the streets outside the Dusty Glass Tavern handing out some very special kind of goody bags with epic lootz!! Seek him out and find out what they are!