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    4/29/16 - Treasury sale for Preferred Players:
    From now until May 1st 11:59PM EST. Preferred players will have a 20% discount on the entire treasury.

    4/22/16 - Platinum Challenge:
    New Platinum Challenge quests have been released, allowing players access to obtain the new, exceptionally powerful Godly Challenge gear. To begin your quest to obtain the Platinum Challenge Regalia, speak with the Platinum Challenge Master. Once again, you can turn in your Platinum Participant Coins to the Platinum Challenge Trainer in order to obtain specific pieces of Platinum gear.

    4/16/16 - Server Maintenance:
    We will be undergoing server maintenance on April 16th at 2am EST. (1 Hour 15 mins from now) Expected downtime will last about an hour but we're shooting to get back online before then.

    4/10/16 - Juggernaut Returns:
    Word has it that Juggernaut, Unstoppable Force has stolen some items from the Astral World. Numerous items have been reported missing including potions, orbs and keys. He has however been marked by one of the Astral Guards, making him more susceptible to the elements. Defeat him and recover these items, you never know what may help you in your future endeavors.

    Lvl 60+: Amdir, the Potion Merchant has a new repeatable quest for you. Help Amdir defeat the Elemental Keepers and he will reward you with an elemental potion you can use to defeat powerful enemies.