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1/23/15 - Torax Merge Complete:
Welcome to the new Torax era! The Torax/Zimbob/Quiver merge has been completed successfully, however there are a few important things you will need to know.

Your gear is in your backpack, you will need to re-equip it.
Trustees have been cleared.
Hitlists have been cleared.
Treasury Items for Sale have been cleared.

Free character and crew name changes will be an issue dealt with in time after the whole merge is over. Players with _1 and _2 after their name, along with crews having _2 and _3 will get a free name change.

The Sigil/Fabar/Rancid merge will begin in 1-2 days time. Raid Bosses will be spawned on both servers once the entire merge process is complete.

1/17/15 - Server Merges & Merch:
The great Outwar Server Merge is imminent! We are now looking at a date as soon as Tuesday, 20th of January to start the process. We expect the downtime for each server to last approx 24-48 hours, however we advise you to please allow for up to 1 week of downtime for the entire process to be complete.

The server merges will be:
New Sigil = Sigil, Fabar & Rancid
New Torax = Torax, Zimbob & Quiver

We ask that you please be patient with this process, and understand that there is certain balancing that will beed to be done. Most of this will not happen until the days after the merge, until we gather some activity data to ensure the most accurate balancing possible. Therefore, please understand that if you feel something is imbalanced after the merge, it will most likely be tuned in the following days.

Please head to the Server Merge FAQ page for more information on this subject. If you have any further enquiries, please don't hesitate to contact Shady or Slashzor on IRC.

You only have 5 days left to purchase the shirts and hoodie. After that they'll be made and shipped out. Get yours before its too late. Outwar Merch

1/1/15 - Outwar Merch:
Do you want to be as cool IRL as you are on here? NOW YOU CAN! You guys have asked for them and now we have made them. From now until January 22nd you can order your very own Outwar T-Shirt($20), Long Sleeve($20), and Hoodie($35), which ship all around the world. The shirts do not ship until the campaign is over so you will receive them sometime in February.

Visit to purchase your merch now.

1/1/15 - Happy New Year:
Congrats to the winners of the Christmas quest. Send in a support ticket or message Shady on IRC to claim your items.

Sigil Server
Wayne - 9559
stelistu - 9489
Andreas - 9287

Torax Server
xTheEaterGuy - 8191
BadAsIWantToBe - 7571
Luffy - 6054

Fabar Server
DestroBan - 8997
emphelp - 8613
Nuckinfubs - 5753

Zimbob Server
Whistle - 9574
manhimwong - 9367
Dyret - 8890

Rancid Server
iSyge - 6471
Killinja - 4787
Nikenzo - 2437

Quiver Server
VisualEvolution - 4431
OldRepublic - 4050
Akye - 3367