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12/15/14 - Uber Epic Trinket Changes:
Changes have been implemented to the Uber Epic farming system in order to minimize the effect that low-alt accounts are having on the game. All of the current mobs in-game that previously dropped the uber epic trinkets now do NOT drop any trinkets.

Trinkets now drop from new mobs spawned throughout the Plane of Nature and the Cave to the east. There are 9 new mobs with 10 spawns each that drop the trinkets corresponding to their color/name.

These mobs are:
Stone Guardian
Noxious Guardian
Mysterious Guardian
Luminous Guardian
Heavenly Guardian
Enflamed Guardian
Brutal Guardian
Aquatic Guardian
Agile Guardian

11/30/14 - Reforged Sword of Legends:
A new quest has been added to the game to obtain the Reforged Sword of Legends! Speak with Arthur, Masterful Swordsman to begin your epic journey and vanquish the evil from The Divided Planes once and for all!