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10/24/14 - Halloween Event - October 24th to 31st:
The frenzy that is Halloween has struck the streets of Diamond City once again! Peg Legged Timmy has returned to help you battle through the hordes of candy lovers, and this time there is an extra task for you!

For this Halloween event, players placing in the top 3 for item drop counts will receive prizes, however ... there is a twist! 9 new beings have been seen in the streets of Diamond City, forming 3 primary groups: Pumpkin beings, Skeleton beings and Candy lovers. Each of these 3 groups of mobs drop an item specific to that group. Pumpkin mobs will drop Pumpkins, Skeleton mobs will drop Skeleton Heads and Candy Lover mobs will drop Candy Corn. (The original mobs for the "Grabbin' Bags" quest do not drop any of these items.) The top 3 player counts for each item will be eligible for a reward, therefore there will be 9 winners on each server!

Please note, you can NOT place in more than one tier of rewards. E.g If you place in the top 3 for Pumpkins, you will not be eligible for rewards in the Skeleton and Candy tiers. Also as usual, only one character per player is eligible for rewards (including multiple servers).

1st Place: Halloween Core, 5x Overflowing Goody Bag worth of items. 2nd Place: 4x Overflowing Goody Bag worth of items. 3rd Place: 3x Overflowing Goody Bag worth of items.

Overflowing Goody Bag = 3x Bubble Gum, 1x Starburst, 1x Snickers Bar, 1x Sugar Daddy, 1x M&Ms, 1x Quest Shard, 1x Hallowed Augment.

9/26/14 - New Character Upgrades:
You can now purchase 300, 400 and 500 slot Personal Vaults from the treasury.

You can now purchase 750 and 1000 slot Crew Vaults from the treasury.

You can now purchase 60 and 80 slot Backpacks from the treasury.

You can now also upgrade your Personal and Crew profile picture sizes from 500kb to 1mb by purchasing the Digital Camera Mark II in the treasury.